Ich kenne keine bessere Definition für das Wort Kunst als diese:
Kunst - das ist der Mensch.

Vincent van Gogh

Iris Rousseau - Bildhauerin aus Leidenschaft

  • Born in Munich
  • Her first degree was a Diploma in Domestic Science.
  • After domestic management in renowned hotels she became a chief hostess in 1966 on International cruise-liners with her husband, a Nautical Officer for German shipping companies
  • 1973 employed by 'Dienste in Übersee' (services in foreign countries) and assisting with third-world development projects for several years in Papua New Guinea, as well as training native ship crews for the local company 'Lutheran Shipping'
  • 1974 birth of her daughter in Madang/PNG
  • From 1977 onwards: more years of work in foreign countries
  • Together with her husband management of International maritime homes in: Khorramshahr/Iran, Douala/Cameroun, Libreville/Gabon



During her mission- and social work in Papua New Guinea she resumed working intensively with clay material. She utilised the opportunity for comprehensive studies in this original and richly facetted country with its pre-historic and local native cultural artefacts, which shaped her current style.

Clay and stone work later lead to working with bronze. An important element of her work is to bring function and expression into a harmonious symbiosis.

1986 final return from abroad.

Together with her husband the decision was made to live in a house behind the Elbdeich and to furnish a studio and showrooms there.

The beginning of an intense and extensive training as a sculptress.
Primary work on gracefully designed unique pieces of ceramics in an unusually extensive palette of motives, styles and techniques.

Additional training in Hungary.
Instructions in anatomy and sculpture by well-known sculptors.

Practical courses in bronze foundries specialized in artistic sand casting and lost-wax processes.

Today Iris Rousseau is an established, internationally recognized sculptress, whose works cover in particular life-size bronze sculptures, portraits, small plastics, child and animal sculptures as well as reliefs, whereby female acts have come to represent her brand name.

The artist is also comissioned to sculpt busts of various personalities from politics, economics, medicine and science.

Iris Rousseaus‘s work was exhibitioned in innumerable galleries at home and abroad, as well as at international artist- and handicraft fairs. Her works can be found in galleries and in many public spaces, such as parks, hotels, hospitals and church yards, and are collected world-wide by art lovers.

Once a year the sculptress extends an invitation to selected, international guest artists to view an exhibition in her own gallery with an appropriate entertainment program.