Sculpture is the art of bulges and hollows, the art of
representing shapes in the play of light and shadow.

Auguste Rodin

360° Ansicht

Iris Rousseau - Bildhauerin aus Leidenschaft


Apart from a large variety of ceramic artifacts, exclusive home lighting and fancy garden objects, the 380 square meters, light-flooded gallery, houses the life-size bronze sculptures as well as numerous smaller bronze plastics created by Iris Rousseau.

All year round other works of contemporary and internationally well-known painters are also presented here. The repertoire shown ranges from oil paintings, pastels, and chalk designs, to lithographs and photographs.

Also gaining in popularity are the artist couple’s guided tours through their studio, workshop and garden. 

Here Iris Rousseau and Eduard van Leeuwen candidly show their working materials, tools, silicone forms and plaster negatives as well as positives; and explain in a descriptive manner the labor intensive procedure of the complete process involved in the casting of a bronze sculpture.



The Secrets of Sculpting

My book, which describes the entire process of creating a bronze sculpture, has now finally been published!
On 422 pages, with detailed, informative texts and 413 coloured photos, all techniques are illustrated throughout the entire process, right up to the completion of the bronze casting in the foundry.

The book documents and clarifies in detail every single step of the creative process, and also includes a summary of my entire creative works.

This book can be ordered from me personally, or bought in our gallery, or is available in book shops under ISBN 9783982185927 for a price of Euro 69.95 .



My latest bronze sculpture
‘Chantalle de Paris’

She stands under the light of a street lamp on the entrance steps of the metro, leaning against an Art Nouveau railing.

The hat can be removed.
Illumination is done with a small LED light.
Total height is 72 cm.